Episode 10 (Pt. 2): Bleeding Love

For our final episode of the season, we discuss our own experiences using different period products including THINX period underwear, organic tampons, Glad Rags reusable pads, and the holy sea sponge. This episode is part two of a two-part series on alternative menstrual products.

Episode 10 (Pt. 1): Bleeding Love

In this episode we talk to special guest and honorary Left O, Mika Hyden, about the alternative feminine hygiene product, the Diva Cup. This episode is part 1 of a 2-part episode in which we review different period products.

Episode 9: If You Wanna Be My Lover

The Left Os talk dating and the many struggles that come along with it. We discuss common conundrums like who pays on the first date, who texts first, and more. Then we check in with our friend Dominique about her dating experience as a bisexual woman.

Episode 8: F**k Patriarchy, Get Money

In this episode we discuss what it's like to be a woman in the workplace and take an inside look at the issue of salary negotiation.

Episode 7: Porn-O You Didn't!

In this podcast, we talk about porn. We discuss various alarming statistics regarding the correlation between porn and sexual violence and we also talk about if porn can be feminist. Lastly we examine/critique the documentary Hot Girls Wanted which takes an inside look at the porn industry.

*trigger warning: this episode contains graphic descriptions of violent sexual acts against women*

Episode 6: Is Your Feminism Intersectional?

In this episode, we interview the founder of Fly Ladies, Keesha, about what intersectional feminism means to her, tips for how to make your, and our, own feminism intersectional, and her experiences as a woman of color. After the interview we continue the discussion about how we try to be aware of our own privileges and how they might be informing our perspective on feminist issues.

Episode 5: Am I a Bad Feminist?

In this episode we talk about the struggles that come with consuming pop culture as feminists. We discuss what it means to be a bad feminist, the importance of supporting women in hip hop, and where we have drawn our lines when it comes to withdrawing our support from misogynistic media.

Episode 4: Body Talk

In this episode, we speak about our own experiences dealing with our body image and when it crosses the line over into disordered eating. We want to create a dialogue that tells women its not their fault, and that promotes self-love instead of self-blame.

Episode 3: Not Your Typical Teenage Girl

This episode features an interview with our good friend Christina Tibbs about her experience as a trans teen, and talks about the importance of listening to and learning from teenage girls.

Episode 2: Voices

In this episode we discuss voices: whose voices are heard or not heard in society, how women's voices aren't taken as seriously sonically, women's voices being silenced in the workplace, and how society doesn’t always make it easy for introverts to be heard.

Intro: About Us

In this episode we discuss our friendship values ranging from: not shaming your friends, inclusivity, how to deal with conflicts, advice giving, empowerment and friendship as activism.