EPISODE 10: Who run the world?

In this episode, we will be talking with some badass entrepreneurial women. We speak to Priscilla Spradlin from PS Jewelry, Dale Breen, of Doubletake Bags, and Gabrielle Wilson, from Peek-oo-box. We also share some behind the scenes on how we got started with our podcast.

EPISODE 9: Would you stand up?

In this episode, we focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and the alarming events of police brutality that have taken place over these past few weeks. We continue our discussion on what it means to be intersectional feminists by analyzing factors such as White Supremacy, institutional oppression, and the problem with saying "All Lives Matter".

EPISODE 8: friggin experts

Left O Claire shares her findings from her senior honors thesis on Gender, Voice and Podcasts with the rest of the group. Afterward, we a discuss some of the gendered critiques we have received of our podcasts, including comments on our voice and lack of expertise.

EPISODE 7: Certified sluts

In this episode we listen to an inspiring speech by Amber Rose at her annual slut walk, and then discuss our personal experiences of being slut shamed. We also have a conversation about why it is ok to be a feminist and wear any kind of clothing you want, and why it is so important to stop policing women's bodies especially through the word slut.

EPISODE 6: Sexual Assault Awareness

In honor of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this episode is about women and sexual assault. We talk about rape culture and how it contributes to sexual assault. Lastly we provide resources for survivors of sexual assault.

EPISODE 5: Male gazed and confused

In this episode we talk about one of our favorite topics, Kim K.! But seriously, we talk about Kim's latest nude selfie and the conversation it started in the feminist/pop culture world. We ground our conversation through the concept of the male gaze, which we define, and also discuss in relation to film and advertisements.

Episode 4: Let's Get Political (Bernie v. Hillary)

This episode features an interview with two policy experts from UCLA about who they are supporting in the Democratic primary election. Kelsey shares that, as a pragmatist, her vote is with Hillary Clinton. Susan shares why her heart is with candidate Bernie Sanders this election.

episode 3: Catching feelinGs

In this episode, we discuss the different ways men and women are socialized to show emotions. We also talk about the benefits of having a high emotional intelligence, despite the fact that it is depicted as a negative trait by society. Lastly we discuss how shutting down a woman's emotions, specifically calling her crazy, upholds a sexist system of oppression.

episode 2: Dear internet

In this episode, we talk about cyber harassment and what that may look like for women. We discuss our own personal experiences with cyber stalking and disrespectful comments. Where do we draw the line from a Youtube or Facebook comment that goes beyond criticism and into abuse? Are we asking for it just by posting our pictures and opinions?

Episode 1: Sister, sister

In our first episode of season 2 we talk about one of or favorite topics: sisterhood. We discuss what having a sister means to us, whether or not sisterhood can be created, and we also play a little game to see just how well the Left Ovaries know their sibling.